Residency at The Botanical Gardens University Utrecht

During the months August, September and October we are in residency at the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens. Here we are conducting a visual study into the relation between art, ecology and sustainabillity.


Jasper Zijlstra

Jasper Zijlstra (1990, NL) is a visual artist who mostly uses photography. His work revolves around the sharing of his curiosity and admiration for the world and people around him.  His work, as well as his proces, is based in experiment and develops organically. He uses his process of abstracting the reality to visualize his thoughts about large, philosophical themes like; spirituality and religion, existence, identity, and culture. Starting with long periods of research, his projects are a coalescence of this research and personal reflections, intuitively combined in works that are meant to inspire contemplation and personal reflection in the viewer.


Jeroen Verschoor

Jeroen Verschoor (1993, NL) is a photographer whose personal work is based on his fascination with the natural world. He is inspired by the historic- and cultural landscapes, which form central themes for his documentary photo projects. His work is often rooted in his interest for what the present day landscape means to us in modern times and the relationship between men and nature.